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Please note

The English part of this website is still under construction (just like the German one, which keeps growing over time). The main information is already available, but more pages will show up step by step. In the meantime feel free to browse the German pages also.

While this site is in English, it is still meant for persons in Germany only. I offer this service for people who feel more comfortable discussing improvements of their building in English rather than German.

I keep using some German terms (like Energieberater) and have translated them for information. As I am no lawyer, the translation may not be legally correct, but the meaning should be similar. I take no responsibility for any false translations, only the German expressions are binding.

When writing dates I use the German order Day.Month. rather than the American Month.Date.

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German Government halts Energieberatung program

The federal government has halted many subsidy programs due to the current budget problems, Energieberatung is one of them. New applications can still be handed in, but there will be no approvals for now. Approvals in power will remain in power. Further information (German) is available at

» https://www.energiewechsel.de (externer Link)

I expect that the program will be relaunched within the next weeks, as soon as the details of the federal budget have been defined. If you are interested in an Energieberatung, please contact me. My contracts have applied and will apply only when the subsidies are granted. There is no risk that you have to pay the full cost. Only subsidised Energieberatungen are accepted later as base for subsidised improvements of your building.

The program Bundesförderung für Effiziente Gebäude(BEG), which subsidises the actual improvements on the buildings is not subject to the halt. Applications for KfW programs Klimafreundlicher Neubau (297/298 - climate friendly new building) and Wohneigentum Familie (300 - housing property for families) are possible and subsidies are granted.

25.11.2023, updated on 05.12.2023

"Klimatag" in Bornheim on Sunday, 26.08.

Flyer Klimatag   Flyer Klimatag   Flyer Klimatag  
The » Parents for Future (external link, German) invite to their "Klimatag" (climate day) next Saturday (26.08.) in Bornheim:

Many organsations of Bornheim and around present a colourful market of ideas on climate and ambient protection. From clean up to Energieberatung, from beekeeping to solar cooking. There will be plenty of inspiration and activities for adults and kids. Surely you will find someone like-minded for your topic!
(translation of the German invitation by Parents for Future)

More details...

New jackets for TB Witterschlick juniors

As the new season starts, the juniors (born 2016) of » TB Witterschlick (external link) received new jackets. I am happy I could support the purchase by sponsoring. Thanks a lot to the volunteer trainers for their great work with the kids. More details...

GEG reform - interview with Veronika Grimm (in German)

Deutschlandfunk talked to professor of economics Veronika Grimm about the upcoming reform of the GEG (Gebäudeenergiegesetz - building energy law). The interview can be found on the » website of Deutschlandfunk (external link). More details...

Energieberatung für Wohngebäude - Changes on Subsidising Program

Update 22.06.
Everything remains as it is. I will just require two additional signatures - to apply for subsidies in your name and to allow BAFA to pay the subsidies directly to me.

Original information of 16.06.
The BAFA has published first information on its website regarding changes on the subsidising of Energieberatung für Wohngebäude, coming to force on July 1st. Amongst others, the subsidies for Energieberatung shall then be payed to the customer, not to the consultant. More details...

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My Services

Energieberatung für Wohngebäude - Energy consulting for residential buildings

"Classic" Energieberatung according to the Richtlinie über die Förderung der Energieberatung für Wohngebäude (directive on subsidising of energy consulting for residential buildings). What are the strengths and weaknesses of your building? Which actions have the biggest effect or the shortest payback period? More details...

Baubegleitung - Construction Accompanying

If you would like to implement measures subsidised by the BEG, Baubegleitung by an Energieberater is required. More details...


If you want to refurbish or optimize your heating system, I can calculate the actual Heizlast (heating load) and the Hydraulischer Abgleich (hydraulic balancing). The results are a reliable base to ask for quotations. More details...

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Due to various appointments it can be difficult to contact me by phone. Please send an email to


Monday through Friday I will usually contact you within 48 hours to propose an appointment for a non-binding phone call. We can discuss your questions and the most important information about your building and I will describe the process of Energieberatung.

I do not use messenger apps because of privacy protection.

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About me

I am a mechanical engineer, focussed on plant and process engineering, with more than ten years experience on the job. In this time I have handled topics like solar thermal energy, flue gas and exhaust air cleaning, ventilation and energy recovery. I have managed several projects, also in other European contries.

I grew up in the Ruhr area and live in Alfter since 2012. I am married and spend my rare spare time as a volunteer with the local Red Cross community.

As Energieberater I can show you the technical solutions and the potential subsidies available. But you choose which measures shall be implemented. Therefore my main target is to find the best solution for you and your building. It is not about a house. It is about a home.

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