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Energieberatung für Wohngebäude - Energy Consulting for Residential Buildings

Energieberatung checks for strengths and weaknesses of your building. That includes components of the shell - windows, walls or roof - and technical equipment, i.e. heating, hot water supply etc. The Energieberatung shows, which improvements will have the largest impact or the shortest paypack period. If you would like to perform several works in steps, it is important to find the best order. In this way interfaces can be optimized and damages to the building can be prevented.

Energieberatung is usually subsidised up to 80% by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle - BAFA). There is no obligation to perform any works following the consulting.
Figure gains and losses of a building The figure shows the following losses:
(1) Heat conduction, when heat is lost to the colder ambient via the shell of the building,
(2) Ventilation, when warm air inside the buidling is replaced by cold outside air, and
(3) Losses of energy system, e.g. by high exhaust temperature or heat losses during stand-by.

The losses are partially compensated by
(4) solar gains (radiation), entering the building via windows, and
(5) inner gains, e.g. heat of electrical devices or the body heat of people.

(6) is the heating power as difference between gains and losses, required to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the buidling.

To prepare the Energieberatung, please provide the construction documents, especially construction permit (Baugenehmigung), layouts and building description (Baubeschreibung). If these documents are not available, please contact the local building authority (Bauamt). Further information is required on any later improvements and refurbishments that influence the thermal properties of the building. Photos of the construction and later works may be helpful. Please also provide the last three invoices for electricity and and heating, to evaluate the actual consumption.

During a first visit I will compare the documents to the actual state of the building. To do so, I must access all rooms. Under certain conditions thermal photography is possible. Together we discuss, which improvements you would like to implement and what would be feasable in general.

Following the visit I evaluate the effect of various measures according to standards, regulations and rules of subsidising programs. I will compile a report which describes the results of single steps or for a total refurbishment of the building. Your ideas and proposals will be included as far as regulations allow. You will receive an "individueller Sanierungsfahrplan" (iSFP - individual refurbishment schedule), which describes the reasonable order of single measures on the way to an "Effizienzhaus" (efficent building). The iSFP increases the subsidy quota for certain measures by five percentage points.

During a second meeting I will describe the reports in detail and we can discuss any open questions. Of course I will be available for any later questions as well.

Please note that the official documents must be in German. In addition, I will prepare an abstract of the results in English. If you require further documents in English, I can provide a proposal for translation.
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Baubegleitung - Construction Accompanying

If you decide to implement single improvements (program BEG EM) or to fully refurbish the building (program BEG WG), I would be happy to support you in the process. We can check whether proposals fulfill subsidy requirements. During construction you get an additional quality control.

Subsidy regulations require that no works are ordered (or materials bought) before applying for subsidies. Certain activities in preparation of the improvements (like demolition) can also prevent the grant of subsidies because the works could be regarded as started. You can ask for proposals any time. Planning services may be ordered, e.g. from architects.

Since January 2023 DIY improvements can be subsidised again. With a confirmation of correct execution by an Energieberater the cost of materials can be subsidised, e.g. for insulating the basement ceiling.

Baubegleitung of a subsidised refurbishment is also subsidised by BAFA - up to 50%. Planning services for energetic refurbishment can usually be subsidised as well.

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You consider installing a new heating system and would like to know, which heat generator is suitable for your building?
You have completed energetic improvements and would like to optimize the heat distribution in the building?
You would like to optimize the heat distribution hydraulicly, because single rooms remain to cold?

Room by Room Heating Load

The base for any heating design should be the calculation of the heating load of each room. This is achieved by evaluating the heat losses of each room for a given external temperature (based on location) and the inside temperature of the room (based on standard or your preference).

Evaluation of heat exchangers

Based on the heating load the heat exchangers (radiators or underfloor heating) are evaluated: Is the heat exchanger sized according to the required power? Which temperature of the heating cycle is required? If you consider installing a heat pump, I can provide recommendations for the exchange of radiators, based on the intended temperature of the heating cycle.

Hydraulic Balancing acc. to "VdZ Verfahren B"

If you choose to install a subsidisable heat generator, hydraulic balancing is a prerequisite according to the subsidy regulations. I can provide the calculations as basis for your inquiries.


Optimizing the heating system can be subsidised either as an individual measure with up to 20% or in combination with exchanging the heat generator (depending on type up to 40%). Planning services are subsidised up to 50% an can be ordered before applying for subsidies.

By the way...

Especially the room by room calculation of the heating load is a relatively small additional task, when combined with an Energieberatung. Therefore I can provide the combined services at decreased cost. As the two services are subsidised from different sources, two orders will be necessary and you will receive two invoices.
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Energieausweise - Energy Performance Certificates

I will usually provide Energieausweise only in connection with an Energieberatung. You can find several specialised companies on the internet, that can provide this service faster and at lower cost.
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